Lines of conductive paste ink, made from solvents, binders, metal powder and glass frit, are screen-printed onto solar panel modules. The outstanding rheology of ETHOCEL™ allows screen-printing of narrow and high electrodes with sharp edges.

Thanks to the high purity of ETHOCEL™ it burns off completely, leaving highly conductive electrodes required for high efficiency solar panels.

ETHOCEL™ is the ideal binder for photovoltaic paste inks, due to its high purity, clean burn-out, adjustable rheological performance and outstanding batch-to-batch consistency:

  • Best performing ethyl cellulose with unique organo-solubility and outstanding stability due to advanced production process
  • Good solubility and low impurities allows reduction of filtering costs
  • Narrower and higher electrodes with sharper edges that contribute to high conversion rates for photovoltaic cells
  • Formulation flexibility and reduced rheology adjustment costs ETHOCEL™ provides narrow and high lines with sharp edges

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