Our METHOCEL™ and WALOCEL™ CRT cellulose ethers, as well as POLYOX™ polymers are used extensively across many ceramics applications ranging from bricks and tiles to pottery and bathroom appliances:

Binders and Forming Aids

POLYOX™ polymers bind effectively the components of ceramic mixes used for bricks and ceramic parts. They also serve as excellent binders for ceramic fibers.

WALOCEL™ CRT is a cost-effective binder in ceramics. It is added to the ceramic mass to offer stability and plasticity during forming and to keep the form in shape during sintering in the oven. WALOCEL™ CRT has a clean burn-out during firing thanks to its high purity, offering ceramics the necessary stability to withstand external stresses.

Dry and Isostatic Pressing

METHOCEL™ products provide optimum grain lubrication for tighter, more uniform packing. Results include more predictable green densities, less shrinkage during firing, and higher fired strengths.

Extrusion Forming

Used as a temporary binder and processing aid, METHOCEL™ cellulose ethers give precise control of rheology in ceramic mixes, permitting broader operating ranges. The product’s lubricity reduces energy consumption and die wear and helps form smoother surfaces. And thermal gelation permits extrusion of extremely delicate, thin-walled shapes without sag or deformation.

Glazes/Porcelain Enamel

METHOCEL™ cellulose ethers improve control of viscosity and rheology, and fire out completely in the kiln.

WALOCEL™ CRT is used as a binder and thickener in glazes to offer stability and strength. It can also enhance the glossiness and brilliance of the glaze itself.

Injection Molding

METHOCEL™ cellulose ethers will give you high green densities and strength. The product improves workability and application properties in high-temperature coatings, refractory mixes, and mortars. And because METHOCEL™ products have low ionic salt residues they won't lower melting points. In fact, they can help reduce the use of low-melting point plasticizers.


POLYOX™ polymers provide excellent lubricity, aiding the extrusion of products like bricks and asbestos cement.

Tape Casting

By using METHOCEL™ cellulose ethers you’ll get great flow and leveling, and a uniform thickness. Low sodium residues provide the purity necessary for electronic items, while the product’s thermal gelation properties reduce binder migration and surface faults.

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